Causes and Prevention of Drowning Accidents

Supporting those who have lost loved ones in drowning accidents

Swimming in a pool or a lake or at a water park is a great way for kids and adults alike to cool off and have some fun during the summer, but a little summer fun can turn dangerous if safety is not a key concern. Dealing with the death of a loved one is always difficult, but when that death is caused by someone's negligence, the loss is even more tragic. If your loved one drowned, you need answers. The Cincinnati lawyers at Elk & Elk Co., Ltd., can help.

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With over 50 years of experience assisting people who have been injured or lost loved ones due to someone's negligence, Elk & Elk's attorneys are dedicated to providing the skillful representation our clients need. While we know no amount of money could begin to replace your loss, you owe it to yourself and your loved one to hold people responsible for the pain they caused.

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Drowning or near-drowning accidents can occur anywhere there is water, no matter how much or how little, which is why it is critical that proper safety precautions be taken anytime you are around water. If someone failed to act properly and that failure led to a drowning accident, that person could be responsible for the death.

After losing a loved one, you want answers. Our lawyers understand this, which is why we start asking questions as soon as you contact us. For example, we investigate the training and qualifications of the lifeguards, and determine whether rescue equipment was properly maintained and stored. Using a team of injury experts, including doctors, accident reconstructionists and investigators, we search for the truth, and we do everything we can to pursue the compensation you deserve.

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