Late Diagnosis of Stroke

Cincinnati lawyers advocating for those who received substandard health care

During a stroke, oxygen to the brain is restricted. Every moment that blood flow is limited has the potential to cause serious and permanent health complications, which is why beginning treatment as soon as possible is so important. However, treatment cannot begin until after a diagnosis. A failed or late diagnosis could mean the difference between recovering and suffering lifelong disability.

Helping you after a failed diagnosis

There is no justification for medical negligence, and the medical malpractice lawyers at Elk & Elk Co., Ltd., want to help if you have suffered after receiving substandard health care. After a life-changing stroke and the serious complications that accompany a late diagnosis, we know that you need to focus on your recovery. Trust our Cincinnati medical malpractice lawyers to pursue the compensation you need.

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As a stroke remains untreated, the risk of damage increases

Strokes can wreak permanent havoc on a person's body. They can cause permanent brain damage, and the longer a stroke goes untreated, the chances of permanent brain damage increase. Depending on the severity of the damage and where in the brain the damage occurred, the results of an untreated stroke can drastically change a person. It could affect the person's ability to speak and to remember recent events and could even result in paralysis.

If you or a loved one is suffering because your stroke went untreated, you could be entitled to compensation. Elk & Elk works with a team of attorneys, doctors, nurses and investigators to determine what went wrong and whether you received substandard health care. No one should suffer from inadequate care, but if you have, we will fight for the compensation you deserve.

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