Birth Injury

Elk & Elk's Cincinnati birth injury lawyers: committed to the lifelong needs of injured babies

The most recent statistics available from the Ohio Department of Health show 71.5 percent of the babies born in Ohio in 2006 were treated to adequate or better-than-adequate prenatal care. That may seem like a lot, but what about the 28.5 percent of infants who received substandard care? Our Cincinnati attorneys for birth injuries focus on the challenges these children and their families face for the rest of their lives and strive to get them the support they need.

Seek the justice your child deserves after receiving substandard medical care

If your child has been injured by substandard prenatal or perinatal medical care, you owe it to your baby, yourself and your family to speak with an Elk & Elk Cincinnati attorney for birth injuries as soon as possible. We're here all day, every day to take your call.

Just dial 1-800-ELK-OHIO to be helped by one of our Cincinnati birth injury lawyers or contact us online. The call and consultation are free and you'll be dealing with some of the best Cincinnati injury lawyers in the business.

We can help you support your child

Children can face physical, medical and emotional challenges for the rest of their lives when they are injured by negligent health care. Parents, too, face difficulties. Children with these challenges often need extra nurturing and additional medical, education and other expenses. Giving these children the love and care they need to live full lives is extraordinarily demanding.

At Elk & Elk Co., Ltd., we don't believe that money can adequately compensate your child and your family for a birth injury. But if your child has been injured by a medical mistake, our attorneys will protect your family's rights and look after your best interests.

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Backed by over five decades of experience Elk & Elk has the resources and skills to protect your families rights as we pursue a birth injury claim to get your family the compensation you need. We are ready able to take on these complex cases. Call Elk & Elk's Cincinnati injury lawyers at 1-800-ELK-OHIO today. We're here 24/7/365. You may also contact us online.

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