Red Light Car Accident

The No. 1 cause of car accident injuries

Running a red light is not only a traffic violation, it is extremely dangerous. According to the Federal Highway Administration, stop light violations are the most common cause of injury-causing crashes, and they are responsible for the deaths of 9,000 people every year.

Fighting for accident victims

A driver who takes these risks is a danger to society. If you have been injured or a loved one died due to a red light accident, you need the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney with the dedication to fight for your rights and the resources to protect your interests.

At Elk & Elk Co., Ltd., we have both, and using our experience and skills, we have assisted thousands of clients during their time of need.

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Running red light accidents in Cincinnati

Intersections are dangerous sections of road, and when people do not obey traffic laws, the dangers increase. It is not only the driver who runs a serious risk when running a red light; passengers, occupants of other motor vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians are all at risk when one person runs a red light.

Red light accidents at intersections cause serious and fatal injuries and getting the compensation you deserve. How an accident occurred requires professional help. Elk & Elk has a staff of investigators and accident reconstructionists who can re-create the accident and prove who caused your injuries. This allows us to verify the statements of victims, other drivers, and witnesses with actual evidence.

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