Auto Repair Negligence

Finding a mechanic you trust can be a difficult task. Trusting one to charge a fair price is one thing, but trusting one to repair your car and not cause more problems is another issue. Auto mechanics need to perform repairs with care. When they do not, they could be liable for the damages their negligent repairs cost.

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Auto mechanics' liability for damages

When mechanics take possession of our cars for either maintenance or repair, we expect that they will use their skill and expertise and that our cars will be returned to us in better condition. We expect that mechanics will use their training and act with care when attending to our cars. If a mechanic fails to do so, he or she could be acting negligently. If that is the case, the mechanic will be liable for any damages caused.

If the mechanic's actions led to a motor vehicle accident-causing either property damage or injury, the mechanic could be responsible for paying for those costs as well.

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