Auto Accident Assistant App

Auto Accident Assistant

The last thing you want to do after an accident is gather evidence, talk to witnesses, take photos and write down important information. But, it is an important step for recovery. That's why we've put together a quick and convenient Auto Accident Assistant smartphone app. It can help you by keeping track of the facts, paperwork and parties involved.

Auto Accident Assistant allows you to:

  • Access your accident log and history.
  • Log vehicle information. App supports more than one vehicle.
  • Document accident information anytime, anywhere. This includes information of other parties involved, police, witnesses, claim number, weather and other miscellaneous factors.
  • Capture and attach photos to your accident report.
  • Retrieve your location within seconds.
  • Find nearby towing and taxi services.
  • Call emergency contacts, such as 911, personal contacts and/or Elk & Elk’s Cincinnati personal injury attorneys.
  • E-mail a PDF version of your accident report and images to your insurance company and/or Elk & Elk.

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